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What is a Practitioner?

“As licensed Professional Practitioners we are the loving heart and healing presence of expanded consciousness revealing the wholeness and truth of all Life.”

Many are practitioners, but a licensed practitioner has been specially trained (usually over a minimum of four years) to establish and maintain a consciousness of wholeness.  Practitioners receive their licenses after a written review and after the approval of an oral panel.  Power of Oneness has had the support of practitioners over the years and maintains a relationship with many practitioners all over the world who are in loving support of our community.  We are grateful for those remote practitioners with whom we have contracted to specifically hold the high watch and to be in service to our members and community.
There are members of the Oneness Spiritual Center team across the country!  Our current Remote Practitioner is Evelyn Thompson.



We are so blessed to have licensed Practitioners.  Please meet them:

Erica Hawkins, RScP was licensed in 2009 by Universal Center for Positive Living, a center that later became known as Namaste Center for Spiritual Living in Chicago.  Erica served on the Board of Directors of Namaste Center for Spiritual Living for several years.  She also worked for the Namaste Prayer Ministry.  Ms. Hawkins likes to write and is interested in writing blogs. So look for her writing on this site.  Erica also loves to do treatment work.  So look for Erica after service on the first and second Sundays of the month or book a professional counseling session with her. Erica loves the youth so you may see her working with the Youth and Family Ministry in the future.  Ms. Hawkins is a corporate trainer by trade so we will get the benefit of her skills and talents in our Education Department as well.  Erica will be a facilitator in our upcoming Prosperity Plus class this spring.  We are thrilled to have her!

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